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A Thing of Beauty Has Arrived

This gorgeous reproduction of an Attic Black Figure Panathenaic Equestrian Prize Amphora now makes its home with us - we admire it daily and feel fortunate to be in its presence. Crafted by my good friend, Civitonico, Mastro Cencio Vincenzo Dobboloni , a one of a kind master craftsman, a gentleman, outdoorsman, scholar and an authentic Faliscan. How authentic is he? He has about him the scent of a tartufo! When in Civita Castellana one may visit his shop - just about impossible to not buy ‘something!’. Those of you who will be joining us for JSS in Civita  this coming summer, save or beware....

Israel Hershberg 

Vincenzo's amazing demonstration

Mastro Cencio Vincenzo Dobboloni of Civita Castellana gave an amazing demonstration of his craftsmanship at the Terrano studio centre today to artists of the JSS studio summer school. He is one of a very few who make vases from the classical period in the way they were originally made and he recreates designs similar to those from antiquity. Vincenzo draws his Etruscan and Greek designs on the ceramic pots with a single hair from a rabbit's whiskers.

Fergus Ryan